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Zeus sighed at his mother’s explanation. He knew well enough already that that was the case for most people. He considered it as if most people had their own ‘chronus’ to deal with- without the split identities of course. In a sense, he expected everyone had a meaner side and a more cordial side, but unlike himself and Chronus, the distinction between the two was much harder to note.

He knew well enough that it was best to be somewhat cautious around people… but for his mother’s peace of mind, he nodded in silent affirmation. When his mother’s arms moved to encompass his form, Zeus grinned broadly. Shutting his eyes, he rubbed his face into the his mother’s side warmly. As she kissed the soft flesh of his cheek, Zeus opened his eyes as he giggled happily.

Whatever doubts he’d had previously had been dashed away. “I l-lo-lo-love you t-t-too, M-mom!” 

The female’s cheeks turned pink at his words, feeling content and rejoicing by his affections. “You’re very sweet, Zeus… In return, I’ll show you a little something. But first…” Pausing to take a breath, she felt warm inside, anticipating his reaction. She’d been wanting to tell him something of importance, but the boy had missed his birthday and his present. The facility had been arranged for that day and the racing car especially built for him was still decorated with huge ribbons. Of course, a large cloth covered the car so its content couldn’t be easily seen, but the location was self explanatory. 

But watching a young boy unwrapping a present, be it little or not, was always bliss to Syo’s heart. Her very first accomplice was her son, the days she only had to focus on taking care of him night and day. For a whole year she never left his side, not even once. And now he was seven years old, the serial killer felt how fast time went by. “…First you have to tell me what’s your favorite color. Then, I’ll show you a thing I’m sure you’ll like very much.”

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sometimes you just need the cutest side-character ever on your blog

sobs quietly about Get Backers

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Drake and Josh shaped our generation like I’m 99.99% sure that this show is the reason I’m so sarcastic.

this show is literally my life

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As his mother’s pointer finger gently rested against his furrowed brow, the boy shook his head. He hadn’t even been aware he’d made any sort of wrinkle. Maybe he was just thinking too much… Either way- he felt physically exhausted. Even if his mind was racing, he felt as though nothing would be better at the moment than to head to bed. Curling his fingers gently within his mother’s the young boy yawned, before raising a hand to rub gently at his eye.

Though as his mother offered to let him sleep in their bed tonight, he blinked softly up at her. Last time he had… it was after his brother had died… He hadn’t even wanted to go back to sleeping in his own room after that… Nodding eagerly, he squeezed his mother’s hand. “U-uh-huh!” I-I-I… I-I did!”

She composed a relaxed smile and leaded him to the bedroom, swinging gently his arm as they walked. He seemed to be okay with the idea- maybe she sent him back to his room too soon without asking if he was alright. Nobody was, of course, but she assumed- perhaps wrongly, that he needed his space and time to process things. Besides, if Chronus ever was to wake up instead of him next to Byakuya, it could have been catastrophic.

"This will be a secret between you and me, baby Sun." Reducing the volume of her voice to a whisper, she crouched and reached his ear to unveil a secret. "Your dad was glad to have you sleeping with us. I think he was scared to hug you because he thought you would be uncomfortable…" It was only a guessing, of course. But she observed the two of them sleeping side by side and attempted to wake up early to see if something happened when it was just the two of them, but Zeus clung so tight to her body she couldn’t move without him noticing.

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10. Dancing like an idiot

Togami’s studio was filled with Billy idol music, a special piece of the artist called ‘Dancing with myself’ was played, and he felt the urgent need to dance, not caring if his fiancee would see him

"What a fool. I will never, ever forget this!" She came closer, sneaking like a weasel and trying to be as silent as possible. But the music was so loud, and there were no mirrors. Would he see the blurry figure standing near the entrance, watching his movements? Had he lost his mind? Either way, she cackled, it was so unusual. Maybe he added sugar to his coffee, which was making wonders with his mood.

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"Is it time already?"

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"I’m big now, Ma! Wha’ c’n I do now tha’ I couldn’ before? C’n I drive yet?!"

Chronus inhaled the cold evening air slowly, silently wishing he didn’t have the stuffy lining of the helmet blocking him from taking a slow crisp inhale. As his mother turned the handle once more and set them off at a rapid pace, the blond shut his eyes as he focused on the sounds of the world racing past them. If only he could feel that wind in his hair… The motor’s roars rivaled any the family’s pets could hope to conjure. Blinking to gaze out at the world rushing by, Chronus grinned eagerly before letting out a wolf-like howl. “Woooooooooo~!”

When they turned into the woods, Chronus found himself turning his head rapidly from side to side in an attempt to get a good look at the environment around them. With how rarely he managed to get out of the manor… seeing the woods alone was a bit exciting- not even taking into the account that they were racing through it at breakneck speeds.

Upon feeling his mother’s hand gently against his left, Chronus nodded. He knew they would have to slow sooner or later… And as he gazed up at the pink and orange sky, he sighed. It was… beautiful. Glancing back at his mother’s knocking, he quickly took note of her retracted visor. He wasn’t even aware the helmets could do that… Which was none to surprising given that he’d never worn a real helmet or seen one in person before this.

Flipping his visor back, he kept his eyes focused on the world bathed in twilight around them. He could understand his mother’s reasoning… Zeus was afraid of the dark… and while Chronus would never admit to such a thing- he certainly didn’t care for it. “… A’righ’, Ma… Eh? ‘Nother s’rprise?!” Bouncing eagerly in the seat, Chronus beamed in excitement. He’d already gotten more than he could have expected…

His jacket… the gloves… the helmet… this ride… they were all his. And his alone. He wouldn’t have to share them. It was the best gift he could think of ever getting. To consider there was something else as well-? It was quite unexpected. “A’righ’! ‘Course, Ma! ‘Ll eat th’ whole thing ‘f ya wan’ me to! This’ been… awesome, Ma.”

The serial killer nodded twice in affirmation to the blonde’s question, her grip a little loose after reaching a moderate speed. “Another surprise, yes. But this one is… really something you will be able to enjoy everyday, I think.” At some point her mind wandered about those woods, where time seemed to stop. She never came back to the shack, it probably vanished under the bushes and dead leaves with all the remnants  of whatever happened there. It was pointless to imagine the obvious, in all deadly scenarios flowers and plants would eventually grow. Only people who went there would remember how it all started.

In the distance the crimson pupils adverted the always imposing silhouette of the Togami manor. It was late to be out there without any member of the staff in case anything occurred, but truth be told she regretted having to come back that soon. She rested her head in the boy’s shoulder and took all her time. There was only one way to get in there without being bothered by unnecessary security methods: The front door, which was secured by the guards who let them out in the first place. After all that happened, nobody could enter or go out without strict control, however she still cursed the grey faces who managed to enter without being seen.

Eventually they entered the manor’s grounds and she stopped the engine. She first made sure the motorcycle was static before leaving it and proceed to help her son given he was too short to do it himself. Taking off the helmet and pair of leather gloves, she extended her fingers towards Chronus. The disheveled hair was sticking to her head due to the helmet’s pressure, but her lips were curving in a big grin. ”So… Chronus. I heard you needed a place to have fun. Is that true?”

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