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"... I received a m-message saying that you had s-something to tell me about our d-daughter?" —genocidalsyo



"I wanted to talk about her usual meeting with her acquaintance Chronus."


"You should dress yourself. You are too lazy, Syo." Togami stated as he slowly caressed her face, looking at her. "You should get ready to sleep." Togami said as he slowly placed her head on the bed so he could stand now. The blond walked towards the bathroom, changing himself into his pajamas. Then he exit, walking towards her as he sat on the bed again. 

"And yes, it is quite a surprise to know that you are not talking in double meaning. Not that I care much about it." Togami said as he slid inside the bed sheets, taking his glasses and awaiting her in bed.

"Jeez, fine!" She rose on her feet and grunted, mumbled and cursed under her breath. She didn’t need to go to the bathroom to change, that was absurd. They weren’t teenagers, were they? With a deep sigh she undressed and tried to find something awfully comfortable. A tee three times her size with a well-known videogame ghost print seemed to be perfect. Loosening the tight braids, she came back on her steps and climbed on the bed without her glasses, that now were on the night table. She blinked a few times trying to focus Byakuya, and after a few minutes she got used to his figure.

She curled under the sheets and folded her arms behind her head, looking at the ceiling with a soft smile. “Well~ What can I say? I’m the wonderful Syo, I just do whatever sounds must fun and I must admit I’m tired as shit. What the hell was Touko doing before I woke up? You two banged didn’t you!? Christ… at least give her some rest next time. Hmph. Anyways… you owe me one.”

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Following his mother’s instruction, he moved his hand slowly to rub her back. At first when she had mentioned his brother, his mind had considered his alternate… but hearing that she had done that to ease Kintaro made him feel somewhat strange. “… I… Yea I didn’ like gettin’ hugs ‘s a kid. It made me feel like… weird. Cuz… Y’know I was small ‘nd… hugs make ya feel sorta surrounded nd junk. I ain’ ever liked feelin’ crowded.”

"… Yea. I know. Me ‘nd Z shoul' have some sorta schedule 'r wha'ever bu'… Tha' jagoff's too preoccupied wi' his gay ta give a fuck.” Noticing his mother's smile, he sighed before grinning as well. It was rare to see his mother looking so distressed as she had been looking moments before… but now that she was smiling, he found himself reminded of the good times when he was a child. 

"Heh…’course he’s fine, Ma. Ya kiddin’? Ya think Z’d ‘f let Da jus’… kick th’ bucket? Feh… I’ll only tell ya this cuz y’ll prob’lly ferget in like.. five ‘r eight years." Retracting his hand from her back, he rose to his feet before turning away from her. Lifting the back of his shirt, he held the fabric to expose the flesh above his waistline. The faded surgical scar along the right side of his body was still fairly visible.

"Th’ restrictions ‘re differen’ in France… Ain’t no age limi’ fer a donor. ‘S long as they’re r’lated. ‘Nd there were like… twen’y thousan’ people waitin’ fer organs ‘nd shit… Z sign’d some forms ‘nd shit… Made th’ doctors swear ta keep it quiet cuz like… confidentiality shit. Then had ‘em tell ya ‘nd Da there was ‘n organ ‘vailable. So… yea. Da’s fine."

Moving to sit next to her once more, he scowled at the question. “Chris’, Ma… Feh. This ‘s wha’ ya ask me after all these years? Sheesh… I ain’t never killed nobody who didn’ deserve it.  I’m fine, Ma. Ain’t tha’ ‘nough?”

"In that case… I’ll let him know what I think about it. I’ve never grounded Zeus before… Well, it’s always refreshing to do something for the first time, right? I mean, he’s an adult, but if he’s being an ass… And… This is difficult. But you can’t just hold a grudge forever. Hatred kills too." The blond’s smile warmed her heart, he was unusually soft- perhaps because she didn’t look so joyful, but his gestures were gentle, something unexpected from him. 

"Oh baby thunder, you really underestimate my memory…" Syo went silent the moment he stood on her feet. Something told her what she was about to see, but it wasn’t until she saw it in person that she inhaled sharply, frowning. Byakuya wouldn’t have accepted… By no means, anything that meant a scar for his son would please him. "…What… what is the meaning of this? Are you fucking serious Chronus?!" Her mind was in conflict with her heart, one side of her was happy the man she loved was still alive, but her sons doing that for him… The brunette’s lips trembled, and her voice was less than shaky. "… I… I don’t know what to s-say…"

"Is… Is this dangerous? Are… your expectations of life… the same as they were before this? H… How could you do this without him knowing… I… I don’t know what to say but… I’m proud of you two… I mean, maybe you didn’t sign. But… I notice you’re not calling him asshole." She exhaled and fanned her face with one hand, a calm smile back to her lips. "… When did he become ‘Dad’, hmm?" As he seemed to change the topic, and although she was willing to ask him further about the operation, her attention span was awful at the current time.

"W-What?! I can ask whatever the fuck I want, right? I mean, I asked Zeus about his boyfriend, and I’m not asking if you have one, when it’s obvious you have like… Nine. Fucking. Hookers. Anyways… I want you to tell me what else is going on with you. I mean… What do you like to do? I picture you like… an adventurer of some sort~ Gays aside."

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ジェノサイダー翔 | 璃桜

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Okay guys. Tomorrow I’ll do a Follow Forever.

Also. It would be nice if I interacted with more than ten people. But. Thanks? I mean.. yeah? Why do you guys follow me?

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togami hates boobahs


i was looking for available urls when i cam across this blog and i dont know whether to laugh or cry

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Quite frankly I think any of them would work

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