The couple’s day off (Closed Rp with genocidalsyo)


Togami’s eyes darted towards her. She was on the offensive now, hugging him closer than before. He didn’t mind. he enjoyed her treatment even if he said the opposite. After all, they were married from long ago and this kind of behavior was nice. He kissed her lips once then letting his hands trail on her body, enjoying the feeling on them. 


"That’s a good way to say. I wouldn’t like to be interrupted here." Togami said yet she was going for his chest and neck. Shaking his head he only sighed, not annoyed but not surprised she went so quickly into action. His fingers trailed into his hips, not moving them because he didn’t want to make her fire burn more than it was burning already. "You know…it is quite difficult to be calm when you say you’re not going for anything yet you do it."

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She was panting, really holding herself to not tear his clothes off with her bare hands. As the car stopped, she furrowed her nose and slowly pulled away, her lipstick all smudged over her face and on the heir’s lips. “Tch. To think it was gettin’ real good. I guess I didn’t really calculate the distance. And neither did you, Byakuya sama~ You didn’t waste time at all~” Syo added with a devious smile, stroking his lips with her thumb to remove all the soft pink he had on them. They could have asked to be permanently taken from north to south of the city, but they’d promised they would be at the hot springs, and besides their cellphones, they left a phone number for the room they’d booked just in case anything happened with the children.

Gently exhaling through he nostrils, she shut he eyes and scowled. This wasn’t the time for life to interrupt them with short roads. The brunette’s blouse had started to be in the way of his thin fingers, and to be fair his pants weren’t helping at all. Did he really need to wear them that tight? Grunting, she bit her lip and resorted to get going as quick as possible.

"You know what? Screw this limo, I’ll be so ready by the time we get in our room I won’t even care about the ‘hot springs’ thing. I just need a room, with a door, and a fucking mattress. Screw this limo." She whispered anxiously, quite frustrated they couldn’t get to the point yet. She’d been waiting for so long… But it wouldn’t please him at all to see her that grumpy. The retired serial killer shook her head and quietly buttoned his shirt back. "You have ten minutes to take me there, or I’ll fucking bang you. I won’t care about the place and spectators."

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them kinky murder teens

"this cramps the esteemed wrists of byakuya togami"

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if you hear closely you can hear me dying and withering away

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oh togami

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hq another episode scans from famitsu’s recent issue!

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Touko Fukawa by Witchiko

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Touko Fukawa by Witchiko

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goodbye twogami

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