Cards cut deeper than scissors ( Closed RP for Genocidalsyo)


♦ Oh sorry. I forgot you are an amateur♠ Smirking subtly the man entered the door as the people cowered in fear with the sheer presence of him. The place leading to an underground arena, filled with rich snobs and fighters from across the globe in order to do something that was made from ancient times: Fight for glory or die trying. 

♦ This place is an underground arena filled with a lot of prospects you could kill. In order to become a master you need to ensure you can take anyone as a prey.♠ His words as simple, almost singing them. This place was his first stop when he was a kid. And now as an adult people feared him. Ruthless, sadistic and completely stripped from morals. That was what the name ‘Hisoka’ brought to anyone in this place. 

But then again, this place lacked the thrill he sought. For once he was tutoring someone promising. If she did well maybe he could even teach her something…special. ♦ The rules here are simple, lad. Kill or be killed. If you survive I can show you how to do some magic tricks.♠  

The lights then shone brighter towards the arena. People already cheering at the opponent on the ring, while the looks fixed on Hisoka and the girl. Mumbling as they thought how fearsome Hisoka was but how little interesting this girl was. Maybe they never knew how Genocider Syo looks like, as Hisoka did know with who was talking to. 


Well wasn’t she getting really annoyed by his whole demeanor? Amateur. She loathed that word above all things. But she kept her mouth shut, for once, and walked behind him. The place reeked of liquor and sweat, of course most of the ‘public’ was masculine, but she caught a glimpse of a few cheap whores. Nothing too appealing, nobody that really disliked the ambient. But it didn’t escape her eye that everyone seemed to be too scared to even approach his figure. Was he some sort of boss? Either way, she shrugged and had to push a few drunks from stepping in her way. God knew how much she hated those places, in spite of finding most of her victims at the doors of places like that.

Syo didn’t waste time, and walked faster with firm intentions of making a few questions. Kill or be killed. One of her favorite mottos. It wasn’t that hard to achieve, she was fast, like a rabbit. But lacked on the side of prolonged fights. She could easily lift a man and pin him to the wall, and although she could evade a few bullets it didn’t mean she was ready to confront someone of that caliber. “U-Uh… Why would I want to learn magic tricks That’s kinda ridiculous, I’m not into magic hats and shit.”

In less than one second, she found herself being illuminated by bothersome lights. The place was dark by itself, but the lights were gone and the attention was placed on them. She looked around her to see if there was a particular reason to be the center of attention, but she found none. Quietly stepping back, she pointed at the clown with both hands, assuming they would want a word with him. She was, after all, very underground and Little known in terms of gender. “Uh.. What the fuck? This place sucks, what do they want?” But the aura that came from the people around her only confirmed her suspicions. They had their eyes set on her, and wouldn’t be very welcoming judging by the weapons they started to hold firmly between their greasy hands.

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Hikaru Ohsawa as Touko Fukawa and Ryota Ozawa as Byakuya Togami for Dangan Ronpa THE STAGE.

The couple’s day off (Closed Rp with genocidalsyo)


The place was big enough to host public hot springs and private ones. Set near the foot of the mountain, it was a perfect place to enjoy a good vacation and to relax. And that was what both of them were doing now. Grabbing her hand he gently caressed the back of it while walking towards the the room where they would enjoy their bath. To be honest, Togami was not a person who took hot spring bath, maybe Syo or Fukawa were on the same boat as him. But what it matters was to be together. 

After entering the private room the heir stared at her while closing the door. He took his glasses as well because of the steam of the natural spring waters as he sat at her side, letting his feet sink into the water. “Yes. It feels good just to be inside here.” Togami stated to her. “Syo…I want to ask you something… Are you happy?” He asked this with seriousness, cerulean orbs fixed on the girl while awaiting a reply. She loved him, he had that sure but she was happy with it? Were they happy?

Syo could see the beautiful landscape from the window. Surprised at how beautiful everything looked from whatever spot she was, she chuckled and looked at him upon her shoulder. “Mm, ask me! I am always amused to answer your questions, they’re so weird.” She lifted one brow at the question, trying her best to process it without getting offended. “… Uh. Me? Happy? What’s that kind of question? If I wasn’t happy I would probably kill you right here and right now!” Because that’s how simple Genocider Syo was when she wanted, blunt and shameless.

"Uh… What’s wrong?" She was honestly concerned about the question’s true nature. Maybe he was trying to tell her something, but she’d learnt to not make assumptions based on nothing. He was, after all, Byakuya Togami. ".. A-Are you happy? Uh. Ignore that stutter. Are you happy?" Sure, she was a bit boring as of lately due to the kids, who always found new ways to entertain her… but even that became a routinge. Not working or doing anything else besides spending time with the kids was killing her a little. ".. Umm… Well. You know. Calista asked me if she could have blue eyes like her daddy… because she doesn’t like red eyes. So… besides that… I guess I’m doing wonderful! Just a little quiet at times. But I am happy, I didn’t think I could make it… I’m not the best mom but… I try?"

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♔ » ❝Smashing.❞

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Rule no. 1: Always reblog the producer.

Here, Yuchiro Saito and Uchida Aya (Komaru Naegi’s seiyuu)

Dangan Ronpa: THE STAGE cast’s visuals so far! 

Where you seeing this?

I follow a couple of Japanese locked accounts on Twitter, mostly cosplay groups and artists. I get to see fanart before it’s posted here or on pixiv, and also they update about the game, I make research on my own but basically that’s it.

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Hagakure girl is calling them: Komaru-chi and Fukawa-chi. Totally Hagakure’s sister.

Apparently Togami will give Komaru the megaphone. New PV about the game is coming! Will be released soon I guess. 

He looks hilarious by the way.