I guess in a way we all grew up to be Debbie.

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Well I did try. I know I didn’t have as much time as before. That’s 8 hour work for you. Anyways. I know this blog was never relevant for anyone- except 2-3 people. Thanks.

For the rest, really, don’t waste your time, I mean I’m glad I had a good time and one of the good experiences with those 2-3 people who are now in hiatus.

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Syo’s theme

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By 不腐君
※Permission to upload this was given by the artist

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"Byakuya sama cares so mouch about me.. Ha~ T-To remember his magnificent… Self. I get all moisty in forbbiden, n-naughty places! Hehe… Hehehehe! Ah~"

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"I f-f-finally got a s-suit from the F-Future Foundation. I k-know it look horrible on me… So p-please stop staring!"

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Hehehe… How weird. I can smell there are a bunch of scrubs around the area! Show yourself… or yourselves.

I don’t bite! Not to hard though… 

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"I hope you've been alright, Syo-chan." —rotarzt


"Well I’ve been better… Like. You know. Killing two secs ago."

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Laptop is back to me. Open starters will be posted after I nap and while I watch Lilo and Stitch and paint. Stuff. Life. 

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First entry for #Inktober ! Haha! Inspired, I decided to doodle Iskander because he’s a great character. 

Bristol and Pentel Needle Tip 0.5mm black.