sacrificialsword replied to your photo “Mother of ships! If these are or not canon, they’re making loads of…”

Is that kuzupeko I spy

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More faces added to the Dangan Ronpa Stage website! 

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Special Edition, laser engraved. Released on Sept. 25th. 

SCEJA Press Conference 2014



Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

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Beautiful. Now I would love to read Japanese to understand if there’s more info about them? Anyone? 


Official art! Finally! (Part 1/ Part 2)

Reserve the game and you get one of these (if not all?)


Official art! Finally! (Part 1/ Part 2)

Reserve the game and you get one of these (if not all?)


Mother of ships! If these are or not canon, they’re making loads of money with it!


The couple’s day off (Closed Rp with genocidalsyo)


Togami saw her change like that and he sat on the bed. This meant she was angry because of something, most likely a reaction from him. Since the opera incident things were a little colder because she thought she was being a nuisance because of her not refined manners. Of course it was somewhat annoying but he married her even with those traits. Maybe Syo was getting self concious of this when he was not angered in the slightest. 

Doing the same as her, he took his clothes off then covering his body with a bathrobe. the blond took a deep breath, placing the slippers as he looked at her. What kind of opinion was that? Talking about aging? She was getting down herself, something it was weird. Togami took a deep breath as he walked towards her, holding her hand. “Look….tomorrow is tomorrow. Today is today. Seeing what can we become will waste what we are right now.” Togami said with a huff. “Stop with those thoughts and let’s think about what we came for. “

And leaning for a kiss on her lips, the blond walked with her towards the corridor, closing the room. Holding her hand tight, they made way towards the mixed hot springs, one specially reserved for them.

When he pressed his lips against her the brunette flinched but didn’t pull away, blushing after he broke the kiss and took her hand. She honestly didn’t know if he was upset or not, but that was an effective method to silence her for good. With a soft crimson on her cheeks, she followed in silence and discreetly tried to arrange her hair while seeing her reflection in the many windows of that place. The place was a nice mix between Japanese traditional and modern Japanese interior design, combining bamboo wood with minimalism, especially with white and stainless steel details and furniture here and there, only adding an accent of color. The color that suited her best. Red.

After entering the private room that had been reserved especially for them, the brunette cleared her throat and left the slippers in the area reserved for it. There was a soft smell in the air, and the sounds of the water were relaxing. She had to take off her glasses, the temperature was sufficient to turn them steamy.

Syo let go of his hand and quickly sat on the edge of the pool that was in the center, playing with her feet on the surface, looking back at the heir with a bright smile. “This place is amazing! It’s huge… and the water is warm! I didn’t expect this at all. Thank you…” She whispered under her breath, enjoying the feeling of the water on her bare legs, patting the spot next to her so he would make her company.

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