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Hello! I love your TogaFuka art and I wondered whether you had ever drawn TogaFuka with the other's personality (Togami with Fukawa's personality, and Fukawa with Togami's personality) or if you would ever mind maybe doodling it when you have the time? Again, I love your art. It's amazing. —liviglove


Thank you very much.

"Swap of tofu character"

He gives her an order. “Do not touch my body”

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Thanks. I respect ships. But I don’t respect the lack of respect of mine.

I lost like three followers. In a row.

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I lose followers because I ship Togafuka




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/So all people are putting their attention on Togafuka at first.

/They forgot SDR2 mention and Zetsubou Shoujo Another mention too

// That happens a lot of time. You can see some development from Togami’s side and by that I don’t mean they’ll end up as a romantic ship.

By the end of the game, he has changed. But it took time and a series of unfortunate events like despair and last trial to get to the point where Mr. Togami is trying to be more… tolerant.

Idk. People seem to dislike Togafuka but are totally fine with ChihiMondo? And Mondo killed Chihiro? So…

What a twisted world♫

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The couple’s day off (Closed Rp with genocidalsyo)


Togami had planned to have his next day off this week and spend it with his family. For his surprise, both kids were out of home: Takatora was going to a toy store with the butler and he ran off early while Calista went to Chronus’ house, to Togami’s dismay. Feeling the mansion all alone the blond thought about spending time with her wife. 

And so the heir quickly went towards their room, were Syo would be when she had nothing to do. The idea of going out would be nice for her, he thought. But he didn’t know how would she react. After all, it was long enough since they had time for themselves. And he didn’t know much how to spend time with his wife.

She’d been watching television all day, switching channels after all the police themed shows ended. It was amusing to see how easily those criminals were caught, they always left obvious evidence. With a giggle, she rolled on the bed, a single and huge bun on the top of her head. She was wearing a pair of shorts and a loose tee, too busy trying to guess the next dialogue of a cheesy movie. Clichés were not her favorite, that’s the biggest failure she could possibly see in a person. All the interest always left her before the got the plot, needing to watch those titles again to analyze their every movement.

Suddenly the door cracked open and Byakuya’s silhouette peered through it. With a soft smile, she rolled on her back and smiled at him. “… Still upset about the kids going out without us?” She stretched her arm to see if he took it, with intentions of him joining her. “They are growing up… It can’t be helped.”

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Have I finally figured out how to make gifs for tumblr?

So here’s Monokuma, Sakura, and Asahina in WWE 2K14. Video here.

Almost time write a darn story for this silliness!

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